Monday, October 5, 2009

About this blog

On this blog I will be posting my novella (at least, planned as a novella) The Pure Law Scrolls as I write it.

The Pure Law Scrolls is a prequel to the world of an in-progress comic of mine called (working title) The Trillium Scrolls: New Tales of Edo.

Trillium Scrolls is set in an alternate history Japan, where the Meiji Restoration never happened, and Japan mostly remained isolated from the rest of the world. At least, until some events happened that has slowly and reluctantly opened them to some kinds of Western influence. Still, in this new Edo not all Western concepts and technology are legal. Although all products made in Japan can be exported, Western imports are still limited, and any technology produced in Japan can only be made of 30% Western technology or the makers risk arrest. People from other countries can even live in Japan for up to two years to learn about Japanese culture, but they are limited in what things about their own culture they can talk about to Japanese people. The comic's story revolves around three young musicians, who play illegal Western music in hidden underground clubs. But how the rest of the story goes will have to wait until later...

Pure Law is set 30 years previous. All Western technology is illegal (except of course by special dispensation acquired by "large monetary donations".) There is a special police force in Edo to help inforce the ban, generally made up of lower class samurai. Our story follows Date Kiyonobu, a man whose family runs in the higher circle of samurai, but who joined the force against his father's wishes. What will happen to our hero? You'll have to read on to find out...


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